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Super Doer or Super Leader?

What got you here, won’t get you there!

Are you the go-to person in your organization, the one who always gets things done? While being a super-doer may have propelled you to success in the past, it could be holding you back from becoming a truly effective leader. It's time to shift your focus from doing to growing – growing your people, that is.

For many of us, this means letting go of the "super-doer" mentality - the default tendency to take on every task and solve every problem ourselves. As a doer, your job used to be to get stuff done. However, as a leader, your job is to develop your people, and things will get done through them. Your time is incredibly valuable, and you have the opportunity to own your responsibility for growing your people by delegating tasks that are below your pay grade.

This can be challenging, especially when our inner critic is screaming loudly, telling us who we are or what we can or can't do based on our past experiences. But by recognizing these limiting beliefs and consciously choosing to let them go, we open ourselves up to new possibilities and growth.

So, how do you make the shift from super-doer to super-leader? It starts with redefining success. Instead of measuring your worth by the tasks you complete, start focusing on the growth and achievements of your team. Empower them to take on new challenges, and trust in their abilities to rise to the occasion.

Ask yourself: What opportunities can I provide for my team to grow and take on more responsibility? How can I measure my success as a leader through the growth and performance of my team? By shifting your mindset and prioritizing your team's development, you'll unlock their full potential and achieve even greater success.

But don't forget about your own growth as a leader. Embrace continuous learning and seek out opportunities to acquire new skills and knowledge. Ask yourself: What do I need to learn to be a more effective leader and coach? Seek out mentors, training, and resources to support your leadership journey.

Remember, making the transition from super-doer to super-leader requires a willingness to let go of old habits and embrace a new way of thinking. It may feel uncomfortable at first, but the payoff is worth it. When you invest in your people and empower them to succeed, you create a ripple effect of growth and achievement throughout your entire organization.

So, take a step back and assess your leadership style. Are you holding onto the super-doer mentality, or are you ready to embrace your role as a super-leader? The choice is yours, but know that your success as a leader is measured by the success of those you lead.

Start today by identifying one task or project you can delegate to a team member. Use it as an opportunity to coach and develop them, and watch as they rise to the challenge. Celebrate their success, and use it as a catalyst for further growth and empowerment.

The path from super-doer to super-leader is not always easy, but it is a journey worth taking. By shifting your focus from doing to growing, you'll not only unlock the potential of your team but also discover new depths of fulfillment and success in your own leadership journey. So, let go of the super-doer mentality, embrace your role as a super-leader, and watch as your team and your organization soar to new heights.


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