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Welcome to Coaching!


Step 1:

Schedule your first coaching session.
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Step 3

Step 2:

Remember, coaching is only coaching if it’s asked for.

We know that someone else may have signed up for this, and we invite you to consider the value of coaching.  We firmly believe that supporting you with coaching is the best way to support the growth of the organization.  And we believe so much in the power of coaching that we too have our own coaches who are committed to our growth.

Step 3:

Complete the coaching questionnaire form:

As we begin coaching, we thought it would be helpful to ask you a few questions to get started.  These questions are broken into two sections, and we would encourage you to take the time to complete all of the questions.  If you are unable to answer all of the questions, please complete those questions that are 'required'.

(You will see a grey * next to the question.)

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