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ASCD Presentation: Good News/Bad News for School Superintendents: You are the Source of You {Video}

As Superintendent or District leader, you are creating the culture around you.

The question is what sort of culture are you intentionally or, more likely, unconsciously creating?

Culture is a product of our unconscious beliefs and actions, so you may not be aware of the effect your actions are having, but your actions are driving the culture everyone else lives into.

Billions of dollars are spent by organizations attempting to change culture; most such efforts fail.


Because most don’t take into account the invisible nature of culture; it’s unconscious. To change culture, people must identify their unconscious beliefs and habits and create conscious ones that advance the desired culture.

That process starts with the Superintendent and Cabinet. Berkley Schools is building a culture where people are connected and united, where personal responsibility and growth are the hallmarks, and where people stop hiding and defending their shortcomings and ask for help ... a coaching culture. Much progress has been made and there is a long way to go.

Superintendent Dennis McDavid reveals how he and his team are creating conscious habits that advance their culture.

This video helps leaders & Superintendents understand:

  1. A practical understanding of 3 sets of tools that are crucial in creating the culture you desire.

  2. Insight into and increased awareness of your unconscious behaviors that are influencing your culture.

  3. An understanding of a key to unlock your ability to have “difficult conversations” that help people grow.

Special Acknowledgement : We want to thank Dennis McDavid for the opportunity to co-present at the prestigious ASCD Annual Conference. It’s an honor to partner with such amazing leaders and amazing school districts.

For more on this topic, check out our article A CEOs Guide to Culture Change


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