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Creating Inclusive Cultures

This experiential program (formerly called Courageous Conversation) is for individuals; managers, account executives, professionals, leaders, development personnel; in short, anyone who wants to become more adept at being inclusive.  

This program will help you develop your ability to engage in and facilitate all forms of contentious discussions in a manner that promotes inclusion and strengthens relationships.


Learn the conscious application of specific thinking styles, skills, and emotional intelligence.  

Become adept at:

  • recognizing your unconscious biases, 

  • listening for understanding, 

  • suspending judgement,  

  • controlling your fear-based emotions.  

The specific subjects covered are as follows:

The brain science of bias

Being the leader; open, curious, courageous, responsible, kind

Ground rules to create a safe space

Embracing emotion

A Courageous Conversation template will be provided in digital format to each participant that can be printed and used as a guide in conducting courageous conversations in the workplace after the program

Program Cost: $349

Program Dates: October 6th & 8th or November 10th & 11th or December 8th & 9th

Program Structure:  This program is delivered virtually and unfolds over two 3-hour sessions.

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