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Interchange - April 2023

For April’s session of the interchange we've decided to go back to the subject that we discussed in both January and February about the Gift of Growth, engagement and vitality. We think it'll be helpful to revisit this subject and to take a look at what habits you declared and what insights you wrote down in your journal.  We can assess together what progress (and maybe regress)we've made in changing habits that support our personal vitality.  Just to remind you, after doing The Engaged Life Inventory, we suggested the following:

1. Use the journal that we sent you to document your thoughts insights

2. Consider what habits you might declare  to better generate energy.

3. Decide what habit(s) you are going to commit to and for how long.


And, as a further thought stimulator, here is a video from Ken Blanchard, who recently endorsed our book(WOO HOO…and hard to believe!!) on the subject:  (It’s only 2:26 in length.)


This as an extremely important aspect of your leadership to be extra conscious about.  Remember:  YOU ARE ALWAYS LEADING. Your people watch you and take cues from what you do more than what you say, so if you are adept at changing personal habits, they will follow suit.  If you are stuck in unconscious habits… 


This leads us to the question:  How adept, personally, are you at innovation?  After all, innovation boils down to your propensity to make changes that produce more impact.


If you find yourself squirming a bit and having an urge to avoid this subject, you are not alone.  As I think about my insights and commitments, I have some progress and some regress…which is why I want to engage in this discussion.  We can all help one another.


Oh, and we have some updates on The Interchange Retreat to tell you about:  Dates, a venue and deliverable outcomes!

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